Blonde Birdie

  • Emotional Baggage

    We all have baggage, some of us carry it more stylishly than others. Carry your baggage in one of our favorite Jessica Kagan-Cushman totes for maximum style-age.
  • We're hilarious!

    We're hilarious! Just trust us. Or in case you need further proof, check us out on Pinterest to see what makes us laugh our rears off.
  • Milk and Cookies

    Milk and cookies go perfectly with bright, fun aprons from blonde birdie. All cotton, all washable, totally hostess-chic. Pop one on before you step foot in your kitchen.
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Not to brag, but we think we have quite a knack for spotting treasures. Shiny baubles, homey details, and fabulous gifts abound. Fresh fanciful products that are sure to delight those who wear, use or receive them. (Don't forget to pick up something for yourself along the way.)