blonde birdie Surprise Bag

blonde birdie surprise bag

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Surprise Bags are an exciting way to shop: for just $15 you get a bag full of goodies guaranteed to be worth $30 or more! Choose from 3 categories: baby birdies, home economics, and well-dressed woman.

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You might receive a bunch of tempting tiny treats or one special item at a great price. Prepare to be surprised! Your items will come packaged in a cream cotton (pictured) or natural burlap reusable drawstring bag (not shown)- very eco-chic!

Baby Birdies can include anything from our kids sections- such as wearable items, toys and books (sized items will not be sent so you don’t have to worry about fitting your little one).

Home Economics can include anything from our home sections including bath and decor items, stationery, aprons, kitchen goodies and even surprises from our gift section.

Well-Dressed Woman can include any combination of items from our women’s section- bags, scarves, jewelry and accessories (nothing with a size will be sent so you don’t have to worry about fit).

Purchase as many as you would like- we’ll make sure all of your bags on each order are different and that you receive a range of fun products. It’s a fun way to try a variety of products at a great price.

*Surprise Bags and all items within are considered final sale. Some items may come from the corresponding sale sections, but that just means more goodies for you because they are already reduced in price!

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